4 Reasons Why CIPP Lining Is a Great Idea

Did you know that, according to The Balance Small Business, water can be incredibly destructive when it comes out of a ruptured main or seeps out through a loose fitting? Additionally, water damage can occur as a result of freezing and other ways.

As a homeowner, if you’ve experienced damage to your home’s pipes, you might be afraid of what might occur if the pipe has damage in the future. This can feel stressful.

Fortunately, with CIPP lining, you can repair your pipe and experience the many benefits that come with this type of pipe lining.

Finally, you can use this drain pipe lining to repair your pipe protect your home from future water damage. Read on to learn more.

1. Repair Is Efficient

If you’re wondering, “What is CIPP?” the answer is that this is a type of pipe repair that uses air pressure and Perma-liner coating that’s liquid to make it possible for the repair service to repair the damaged section without having to fully excavate the pipe

As a result, a repair with CIPP lining (which is also known as cured in place pipe lining) takes far less time to complete than other types of pipe repair.

The main part of the repair is the curing part, which means the repair can be completed in only a few hours.

2. You’ll Save Money

CIPP pipe repair will also save you money in addition to time. This is because the entire process won’t require you to spend money on landscaping, as well as the additional labor, related to more traditional pipe repair methods.

3. You Can Use CIPP Lining for Many Types of Pipe Repairs

CIPP pipe lining also has the benefit of being able to be used for many types of pipe repairs. These include being able to fix a pipe after plant or root intrusion, repairing a pipe that has deteriorated over time, and fixing a pipe that has experienced corrosion, cracking, or fracturing.

Additionally, CIPP lining can be used to repair any damage the occurred during the original installation of the pipe.

You can also use this method for many types of pipes because of its great compatibility.

4. The Repair Lasts a Long Time

Finally, the repair lasts a long time because of the quality of the cured-in-place, trenchless method. This type of repair can sometimes last as long as more than 50 years. As a result, you can have peace of mind about that area of your pipe working well long after the repair.

Need More Information?

Now that you’ve learned the reasons why CIPP lining is a great idea, you might need additional information. Maybe you want to learn more about how this repair process works or you want to learn about other renovations you can make in your home.

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